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DFA is thrilled to announce a transformative partnership with Humentum. This alliance is a significant step forward in our shared mission to create equitable wealth through locally led development.

With a joint vision of fostering sustainable development and social empowerment, this collaboration will amplify our collective efforts and bring about positive change on a global scale.

Speaking with Chidi Koldsweat, the founder of Donors for Africa, she responded to the following questions; 

Why did we Partner with Humentum?

Donors for Africa has an interest in working with partners that have a shared vision with us and one of our core values is the need for equitable development across the board.  Humentum is also big on strengthening the capacity of nonprofit founders across the globe and that is a core for DFA’s work. While humentum is focused in America, DFA is focused in Africa and it felt right to have this partnership with them. 

Why Partner Now?

There is no better time than now to embark on this wonderful journey. DFA wants to extend its reach and with Humentum consolidate it’s impact. For an organization that desires to lead change, collaboration is one of our core values, this is a step in the right direction.

What to Look Forward to in this Partnership

With this partnership so much is to be expected ranging from shared learning sessions both locally and internationally; we will provide a conduit for development partners to extend their reach globally; increasing visibility, access to more funding opportunities, as well as access to a new network for their growth, development and scale.

About Donors for Africa Foundation

Donors for Africa Foundation works with stakeholders to advance equitable development and achievement of the SDGs in Africa. We are a catalyst for sustainable development by leading and implementing local initiatives that optimize the distribution of wealth and opportunities within society. We are determined to build a better world by increasing access to giving, strengthening the capacity of locally led initiatives to access funds, impact communities, and improve the lives of prospects of everyone in Africa  by 2030. Visit

About Humentum

Humentum unlocks the strategic power of operating models for social good organizations. It focuses on practical solutions to improve the effectiveness of finance, people, risk, and compliance processes. Equity, resilience, and accountability are at the center of its approach. Humentum’s years of experience working with hundreds of global development organizations translates into deep understanding and better results.

Humentum strengthens organizations through:

  • Individual, group, and organization training
  • Expert consulting delivered by professionals with years of global experience
  • A robust membership community for peer-to-peer networking, resources, and problem-solving
  • Dynamic advocacy to address the sector’s most pressing operational issues

Humentum has staff based across Africa, Europe, India, Latin America, United Kingdom, and United States. It also works with over one hundred expert associates and trainers based in a range of countries around the world to deliver the consultancy projects and training for members and clients.

For partnership details, please send an email to

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